Five Days Of Wonder And Celebration

The erstwhile state of Uttarakhand is a small hill station that enjoys immense popularity and affection all over the world. This mountainous region in India is known for its diverse flora and fauna. The unique culture, traditions, fairs and festivals, make this state one of the most beloved destinations to celebrate holidays. The reasons for Why Uttarakhand Celebrates Harela are as follows:

The fifth of Dhanteras (January) is the only Hindu festival that falls on the full moon of the Hindu month Shravan. It is celebrated at the time of the New Moon and is one of the five days of the Great Indian Festival. It is celebrated in all government offices and establishments but is especially observed by the Hindus. It is characterized by the entire community burning candles and offering prayers to the Gods. It is also believed that Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe came down to Earth and established Jainas and Vaishnavas at the place of his residence.

Why Uttarakhand Celebrates Krishna On Karthik Poornima: The fifth day of the Dhanteras (January) is the final day of Karthik Poornima or Kalka Purnima in the traditional calendar of India. The highlight of this day is that Bhakti or worship of Lord Krishna is performed by a meditating priest wearing black clothes. The gifts given by the people to the priest and the lighting of candles are the highlights of this blessed occasion. The main highlight is that Lord Krishna spent his entire life in Kalka (field of meditation) and hence it is believed that he attained Nirvana (renection) here.

Why Uttarakhand Celebrates the Day of Karthik Poornima: This is the only Hindu festival that falls on the full moon of the month of Shravan. The followers of Lord Krishna dedicated this day to Karthik Purnima or Kalka Yatra. The puja and ceremonies conducted by the devotees, the garlands made by flowers, the gifting of gold and silver and the gifts presented by the friends make this day one of the most celebrated festivals in Uttarakhand.

Why Uttarakhand Celebrates Durga Puja on Karthik Poornima: On the final day of Shravan, all the female community and relatives gather at the house of Subhadra (Lord Shiva) for his grand celebrations. A special puja is conducted for Nandimukha (goddess of wealth) and her lover, while other family members also offer prayers to celebrate the blessed event. A special puja is conducted for the newlywed’s residence and they offer sweets as a token of their love. They use candles and light them at the entrance of the house. A five-day celebration is conducted after this.

Why Uttarakhand Celebrates Diwali and Holi: On the final day of Diwali, which is normally the last day of Ramzan, all the Hindu sisters go to their homes for a fiesta. This celebration is colorful and very noisy and the sisters wear colorful cloths. They dance and play music till late in the night. They burn incense and take a bath before going to their places. The whole city and the state are decorated with lights and parties are organized for every family and there are special events such as housewarming parties, where people celebrate the fact that they have kept the house clean all along.

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