Popular Dining Room Colors

When deciding on the best paint color for your dining room, let your entertaining style be your guide. No matter how often or formally a dining room is used, we still want it to have a special occasion attitude. The right color can serve up an elegant mood as well as a strong design statement. […]

Counter Height Storage Cabinet

Industrial Counter Height Cabinet Home / Products / Industrial Cabinets / Industrial Counter Height Cabinet Strong Hold Products has taken our heavy-duty storage cabinet a step further with our all-welded bin cabinets, bin racks and shop tables with bins. Bin Cabinets are the perfect solution for 5S when you are looking to clean up the […]

How To Replace Garage Door Spring

Winding “up” starts out easy. It finishes at the proper number of turns, by which time you are pushing against the maximum torque. Count the turns of spring winding from when the springs are slack. To be sure you’re winding the right direction, all you have to remember is that proper winding makes the spring […]

Most Durable Laminate Flooring

Most Durable Laminate Flooring
Durability Facts What’s Not to Like about Laminate Flooring? Laminate flooring is quite possibly the best all-encompassing package for your decorating dollar and perfect for busy families who want low maintenance flooring. Check out this impressive list of benefits: Laminate flooring is extremely durableProtected by a tough external layer and resin coating, a laminate floor […]

Fun Ideas To Spice Up The Bedroom

If I’m to believe that variety is the spice of life, then it’s pretty safe to assume that we could all use a little variety in our sex lives. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but nevertheless, it’s possible. With an open mind and a bit of communication about what it is that you want […]

Luxury Apartment Floor Plans

Floor Plans The luxury apartment homes at Rise were designed with you in mind. Whatever your personal space needs are, we’ve got a floor plan — 10 floor plans, to be exact — to choose from. From spacious new three-bedroom homes to more intimate one-bedroom units, all apartments at Rise in South Austin are designed […]

Staples Office Desk

Pinterest Facebook 1 of 27 Put Your Walls to Work Use this easy-to-install modular system in your home office, craft room, or mud room to organize everyday items. Find the Wall Manager System at Staples.com Pinterest Facebook 2 of 27 Pin It Display family schedules and school forms or share photos and momentos on these […]

Antique Kitchen Clock

Advertising Animated Anniversary Atmos Balloon Banjo Beehive Black Mantel Blinker Calendar Carriage China Column Crystal Regulator Cuckoo Dial Drop Dial Figural Figure Eight Garniture Gothic Grandfather Kitchen Lantern Longcase Lyre Mission Mystery Novelty Ogee Picture Portico Pillar and Scroll Plato Shelf Ship Skeleton Steeple Swinging Arm Tambour Tape Vienna Wag on the Wall Wall Kitchen […]

Jayco Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

Jayco Fifth Wheel Floor Plans
Jayco, Inc. was founded in 1968 by a man of strong faith and vision. The late Lloyd J. Bontrager, family man and inventor, felt he could build the world a better RV. He longed to create a company of his own, one that clearly reflected his ideals: a company where everyone would be treated as […]

Garage Door Saloon

Garage Door Saloon
User’s Rating: 6 Garage Door Saloon located at 223 Atwood Street has been in business for about 3 years. Before, at the same location, was the underage hang-out of Cumpies and then some strange death metal rock scene. Rising from the previous two failures came the emergence of the Garage Door Saloon.At first I thought […]