Top Rated Sleeper Sofa

8. DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger, Kids Sleeper Sofa DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger is the best sof sleeper for kids. This kids sleeper sofa is an attractive and beautiful piece of furnishings for any children. You don’t need big space for decorating a children bedroom. Just need to be a bit cleverer with the […]

Nourish Kitchen Table

Nourish Kitchen Table
Kat Odell It’s only fitting that a nutritionist would open a seasonally-spirited, ingredient conscious cafe next door to an Equinox gym. One day about two years ago, Marissa Lippert finished up a workout at the Equinox on Greenwich Avenue near 12th Street, and as she was leaving the gym a “for rent” sign next door […]

Birdcage Floor Lamp

Industrial Inspiration As seen on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip, this industrial light was created by mixing metal roofing hooks with five trendy Edison bulbs. Line of Lights Brass candlesticks and vases make for a funky light display in this innovative creation from HGTV’s Flea Market Flip. Birdcage Floor Lamp A thrift-store birdcage is paired with […]

Waterproof Basement Paint

Next Up Basement Floor Epoxy and Sealer A basement floor sealer is ideal for preventing water damage. Here’s how to choose a sealer that will work for your space. Basement Wall Crack Repair A basement wall repair doesn’t have to be an all-day project. In fact, most cracks only require the few simple steps shown […]

Black Kitchen Decor

Which is why—difficult is it may be—we need to open ourselves to kitchen décor trends coming down the pike that are equally crisp, clean and calming. Enter: Matte black! Appliance makers have recently stormed the market with as slew of products—from sinks and refrigerators to mixers and espresso machines—in a sleek matte black hue, while […]

Kira Bedroom Set

Description Perfect for compact spaces, the Ashley Kira Full Storage Bed in Almost Black lets you keep your belongings close. With a bookcase headboard and built-in drawers, storing your belongings is easy. The Ashley Kira Full Storage Bed in Almost Black features a dark finish for a sleek, sophisticated look. With bronze-tone hardware, the bed […]

Vintage Bedroom Sets

To many, there are few things in life worse than a cluttered and unorganized bedroom. At times it can feel monumental to organize and arrange any living area, let alone the confines of a smaller living space like a bedroom. We understand that an organized room is a happy room. That's why we offer contemporary, […]

Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Bedroom Remodel Ideas
The fact that bedrooms are personal spaces often shared with another person makes decorating tricky. One crucial tip to keep in mind as you consider bedroom ideas is to forego popular trends or styles in favor of what makes you happy. If there aren’t any significant bedroom remodeling changes, determining your furniture layout is the […]

Garage Floor Car Mats

Garage Floor Tiles Do you work on your car in your garage? If so, you have to worry about oil, grease, harsh chemicals, and the like getting on your garage floor. Antifreeze, transmission fluid, or fuel can permanently mar your floor. Rather than take the risk, you can invest in garage floor tiles. Tiles can […]

Build A Computer Desk

In this two part video and Instructable, I’ll show you how to build your own computer desk / desk PC. What’s a desk PC? Well, you take all of your computer components and shove them into your desk, negating the need for a computer case. More importantly, they’re fun to build and trick out! Show […]